Roads (Current)

Roads is a culmination of themes and motifs from our travels abroad. Some songs have featured samples from the various countries which give each song a creative atmosphere. The track Omani details my experiences when traveling through the Wadi Rum desert in southern Jordan, and Guru Blue brings to light suppressed thoughts and feelings of my childhood, growing up in a New Religious Movement. Other songs like Batik, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka create the curious nature we all have when traveling to different countries. We thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording this album and hope that if there is one thing you learn from our music it is our respect for  humanity and its many different cultures.

Ephedra 2013


Ephedra is a blend of pop and classical fusion. The album was recorded during a very tumultuous period in our lives, and I remember tracking the songs while my father slipped further and further into disease. The title and concept of the album came from a spring break trip we took to Utah, where one of the only plants growing in the barren landscape was Ephedra. The title track Sleepy Susan focuses on missed opportunities and changing reality, and Hello Friend is a song of angst at the lack of structure in my life . Kashi embodies the desire to travel  the western deserts of China after a failed relationship, and Because Because focuses on the quick passage of life.

Misdirection 2011