Empty Cloud is a duo consisting of brothers Adrian and Julian Wong. We grew up listening to our Chinese father singing renditions of exotic folks songs he had heard while traveling and our mothers 3 favorite cassette tapes, Sting Nothing like the Sun, Michael Hedges Live from Double Planet, and a Miriam Makeba cassette tape too damaged to read.  At a young age we began studying music, Adrian began playing the violin and I started in the fifth grade band with the saxophone.  Our older sister was also a musician and was a big influence on our music taste when she brought albums from Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Bush.

Our rural hometown of Wildomar did not offer many resources for classical music, and instead of sleeping in on Saturday morning or watching cartoons our mother would drive us to a community college so we could play in a youth orchestra. We began playing music together at a young age, sometimes complaining to our parents for forcing us to do so, sometimes playing the wrong notes intentionally to rebel, but either way we played together and shared a common bond.

We enjoy the challenged of playing new instruments and incorporating unorthodox recording techniques. Music offers us a opportunity to express ourselves in ways we don’t quite understand, and opens the door to complete freedom. All instruments and vocals were recorded in a small 10 x 14 guest house on 4 acres of rural land in southern California. Enjoy the music…..we certainly did!